Treading lightly around the grapes

In addition to the composition of the soil, the climate and the viticulture methods that are used, the act of picking and pressing the grapes possibly has the greatest influence on the quality of the wine.

To determine the ideal moment to harvest the grapes, we continually pick samples for pressing and tasting. As soon as we feel that the must is perfect, we start harvesting. The most important rule is to handle the grapes carefully; bruising must be avoided in order to prevent oxidation or premature fermentation, both of which are detrimental to the quality and lead to a loss of flavour. We harvest using comparatively small containers with a capacity of 600 litres, which enables us to handle the grapes with the utmost care. Once the grapes arrive at the winery, we allow the fruit to stand in their own juice for a few hours. This releases many essential aromas that developed in the peel while the grape was on the vine; these shape the flavour of the wine and define its unique character. We leave the must to ferment without any further interference to ensure a completely and wholly natural fermentation process.