Limiting harvests for greater vitality and structure

The path to a truly great wine lies in limiting the amount of grapes that are allowed to ripen. At the beginning of every year, we carefully prune and manually rewire all our vines by hand.

This allows us to influence the grape harvest and its quality as early as January. Our painstaking work results in glossy dense foliage. Early in the summer, we cut off at least one third of the grapes on each vine in what is called a 'green harvest' and leave them to lie on the ground where they gradually rot and become humus which, in turn, enriches the soil. The bunches of grapes that are left on the vine benefit from more essential nutrients, light and air, allowing them to ripen perfectly. These grapes yield a rich, aromatic must which, with a little luck and a lot of careful work, including selective picking, gentle transport and handling and extended yeast fermentation with the yeasts present on the grapes, will mature into an exciting, truly great wine with a distinctive bouquet.