The artisan path to purity

The first step in changing our vineyards from conventional to organic cultivation occurred six years ago, when we stopped using mineral fertilizers or ecologically harmful chemical sprays.

Since then, our soil has been continually and successfully renatured. If necessary, weeds are removed mechanically and the area under and around the vines is hoed. We sow green manure to boost the humus content of the soil. These plants loosen the soil with their roots, they absorb all superfluous nitrogen and, in conjunction with microorganisms and other soil-dwelling life forms, constantly regulate the nutrient content of the soil. All we have to do is add small quantities of organic fertilizer. All of these measures interact to create balanced plant growth in the vineyard, which makes the roots of the vines strong and healthy. The plant's roots are able to penetrate deeper into the ground to the mineral-rich layers, thus giving the plant greater resistance to disease and making it stronger. The high quality of our soil provides a healthy basis for old grapevines and the slowly ripened grapes make truly magnificent wines.